The ALHFAM Bulletin is a quarterly publication of the Association for Living History, Farm and AgriculturalMuseums and is a benefit of membership. To contact the Editorial Team of the Bulletin email Blake Hayes or Katie Boardman

Single copies are available for $5.00 to members and $7.00 for non-members.

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The ALHFAM Bulletin provides a quarterly opportunity for vendors to place display and boxed text (formerly Classified Ads) advertisements. Rates for the new year, beginning in January, 2015 are available via the link below. OR contact Blake Hayes by email, for more information on placing an advertisement.

2015 Ad Rates (PDF)

This feature is for advertising already placed, not to order advertising. To place an ad see above.

Select Display Ad type (ads placed by Business Associates are discounted 10%). For text only ads, select Boxed Text and enter the number of inches of your ad in the Quantity box. Prices for Display Ads reflect an additional $1.00 handling fee.