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2006 Annual Meeting LSU Faculty Club. Photgraph by Katie Boardman
2006 Annual Meeting LSU Faculty Club. Photgraph by Katie Boardman

The annual conference is the largest single gathering of the ALHFAMily. Hosted by member institutions in the United States and Canada, the format includes formal papers, interactive workshops, site visits and multiple opportunities for informal discussion. Sharing, fun and learning go hand-in-hand at this meeting, considered by many to be one of the most useful museum conferences available.

The next Annual Meeting & Conference will be hosted by the Rural Life Museum at LSU in Baton Rouge, LA, June 12-16, 2016


Minutes of the 2013 ALHFAM Annual Business Meeting at Hale Farm & Village are available to download. (PDF version).

(3nd Revised Version)

Our members tell us that one of the greatest benefits of membership is the informal networking that our regional and international meetings provide. ALHFAM’s membership committee is trying to make it a little easier for first-timers to meet and mingle with two-timers, long-timers and old-timers.

This is an overview of what to expect, where to be, and what to wear, when. We hope you enjoy this Field Guide to the Annual Meeting . If you find it wanting, please let us know how we might improve it.

This guide is organized by activity, in the approximate order of occurrence.

Complete text of the "First Timer's Guide to the Annual Meeting" (PDF)

The following statement of policy regard being photographed at an Annual Meeting & Conference will now be carried on all ALHFAM conference registration forms: 

By signing this form, I acknowledge that my photograph or video may be taken while at this Association of Living History, Farm, and Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM) event by either representatives of ALHFAM or attendees of the event. I understand these photographs or videos may be used in the ALHFAM newsletter, promotional material, web site, social media, and provided to the media, and I will not receive compensation for their use. I further understand that ALHFAM has no control over the use of images taken by individual event attendees.

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Home > Conferences > Annual Meetings and Conferences

2016 Baton Rouge | Annual Meeting Archives

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